First Look at the Pokémon Fighting Game Spinoff Pokkén Tournament


The official YouTube channel for The Pokémon Company posted a video teaser for their upcoming collaboration with NAMCO Bandai, the company behind the Tekken franchise, titled Pokkén Tournament.

Not many details were given, but in the teaser we can see two fighting-type Pokémon Lucario and Machamp battling in the trademark fighting-in-a-2D-space-in-a-3D-plane look of fighting games. The first hint at a Pokémon fighting game was shown around this time last year when the name was initially believed to be Pokémon Fighters.

Pokkén Tournament is slated to hit Japense arcades in July of 2015, with no word on a US release or if it will be coming to any home consoles. If you are a Wii U owner yearning to pull a 27-hit combo on Hitmonlee you can still remain optimistic. It is common for fighting games to hit arcades first then follow up to home consoles in a few months.

This move is the latest in Nintendo’s efforts to expand their presence in the minds of gamers everywhere by partnering with different companies and developers. Hyrule Warriors, which releases next month, is developed by Team Ninja and uses the Zelda license to build on their already established Dynasty Warriors formula. An eerie real-life Mario was also used in a commercial for Mercedes-Benz to advertise Mario Kart 8’s Mercedes-Benz DLC.

Pokémon itself is also expanding beyond it’s Nintendo home with a fully-fledged iOS port of it’s digital card game, The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online  coming sometime next year. You can read more about that particular port here.

Are you looking forward to Pokkén Tournament? What other Pokémon fighters would you want to see get pummeled in an open field? Let us know in the comments below.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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