Kickstarter: Star Traders 2 – The Long Awaited Sequel From The Trese Bros.


It’s finally happening!  It was discussed on a Techaeris Hangout on Air with Cory and Andrew Trese, but it’s finally time!  Star Traders 2, the long awaited sequel to the turn-based sandbox space opera RPG is in the works, and the Trese Brothers have again looked to Kickstarter to help get the game funded.  Keep reading to see why you, yes you, will want to help fund this game.


The Trese Brothers have always had a close relationship with the fans of their games.  Their official forum is full of discussion, strategy, planning, and even suggestions for improvement that Cory and Andrew take very seriously.  Trese Brothers games are one of the few developers that will always get an instant-buy from me simply because I know that they stand behind their games and want to release the best game that they can.

But enough about the past, let’s talk about the future.  Star Traders 2 has long been a wish of many on the Trese Brother’s forum.  As with Heroes of Steel (their first successfully backed Kickstarter game), they’ve set a modest goal for the development of Star Traders 2 that will allow them to get the necessary tools to make giant leaps in quality and cross-platform performance.  The sequel looks to not only improve on the original, but also incorporate all that they’ve learned from their other games up to this point to build a complete game experience.  ST2 will still include the top-down galaxy map you’ve come to know and love.  It will also include some new improvements:  what if, instead of simply getting a text box telling you that your smuggling mission was a success, you went into a tactical turn-based squad mission to complete any necessary challenges?  That’s the sort of change we’ll see when ST2 is released.


Why don’t I just let the Brothers tell you what they’re going to do?

From your bridge, command your hand-picked crew and fully customizable ship. Roam through a massive open-universe with complete freedom to choose how and when to approach your goals. Interact with hundreds of detailed characters with unique personalities, strengths and weaknesses.

  • Explore a huge game universe with over one thousand years of rich lore developed from our Star Traders games. Experience the galaxy from whatever role you choose for your Captain and ship. You can be a pirate, trader, bounty hunter, mercenary, spy or any blend that suits your style.
  • Develop living relationships with the denizens of the quadrants you visit. Your choices will make friends and enemies among the Factions that hold power in space.
  • Assemble and train your crew, developing them from lowly staff to bridge officers. Recruit and promote individual characters from the star systems and colonies you visit.
  • Exploit the economic and cultural diversity of the quadrants to gain the upper hand in trading, smuggling and political dealings. Expand your commercial success by discovering new trade routes, trafficking rare goods or illicit cargo.
  • Explore uncharted worlds, walk the halls of ancient palaces and lead your crew and officers on dangerous missions.

That might sound like a lot, and it’d be easy to say that this is another Kickstarter that’s overpromising and will under deliver.  I am here to tell you that thinking is ludicrous in this instance.  The Trese Brothers delivered on their promises from their first Kickstarter, and I have no doubt that they’ll do the same here.  Even before turning to crowd-funding, the Trese Brothers have had a long history of updating and improving their games constantly.  Of their 6 already released games, you can be guaranteed that at least one or two will have an update each week.  Recently the brothers have dipped their toes into the in-app-purchase market, but before you recoil in horror, let me put your fears to rest.  The IAP in Trese Brothers’ games are quite a bit more like DLC than pay-to-win.  Take a look, nothing creepy with IAP here.


So is your interest piqued yet?  It should be, this game ought to be incredible!  The current cost of entry for a copy of the game is $5, with increasingly interesting funding options and rewards as you go up.  I’ve already backed them, and you should too!  So head to their Kickstarter page, and get funding!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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