Review: Poetic Invictus Case for LG G3

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Recently, I got my hands on a black Poetic Invictus case for my LG G3. I was excited to put the case through its paces and see how well it held up to my previous choice of protection for my LG G3, a Spigen Slim Armor. Read on to see how Poetic fared!

There are four bullet points on the back of the Invictus packaging, one of them being “Stylish.” Poetic’s case is, indeed, quite stylish. It’s a gorgeous glossy black color, with gray accents along the edges of the ports and the front lip of the case that compliment the LG G3 nicely. However, if you’re expecting that glossy finish to stay looking nice, be prepared for a different outcome. After two weeks of fairly light use, the glossy finish is scratched up very badly, and not so pretty anymore.

The most stressful situation that my phone and this Poetic Invictus case have been in is sitting in my car’s cup holder during drives. Other than that, it’s either been in my pocket or on a table, and has never been dropped. Glossy finishes on cell phones and cases usually wear and tear more quickly than matte finishes, but the finish of this Poetic case had started to wear down within the first day. I suspect that the worn finish of the case wouldn’t show up as readily on the white color of the Poetic Invictus. Thankfully, I don’t really care what the case looks like as long as my phone is protected.

As far as protection is concerned, Poetic has done a great job in creating a lightweight yet protective case where the Invictus series is concerned. The raised edges around the face of the phone are always a nice touch, as it keeps the face of the phone raised up off of potentially dirty tabletops. The plastic that this line of Poetic cases is made from is pretty durable as well. It doesn’t flex a lot or stretch much, meaning that it will take quite some time for the case to really wear out and start becoming loose around the device. This is something that some case manufacturers either haven’t figured out or bothered to implement.

It may not stay amazing looking as you put wear and tear on it, but this case by Poetic is a definite must-buy if you want a super light case with some decent protection. You can purchase a Poetic Invictus for the LG G3 at their website starting at $19.95 USD.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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