Apple Quietly Introduces New iCloud Pricing


Apple quietly released new iCloud pricing on it’s website after their iPhone and Apple Watch announcement earlier today. iCloud users have various options including  5GB of storage for free and scaling up to 1TB for a monthly fee.

Ahead of Apple’s new iCloud Drive launch, which will allow users to access any kind of file on all of their devices, iCloud storage options and pricing have been updated. Users will still get 5GB of storage for free, but can upgrade to 20GB for $0.99/month, 200GB for $3.99/month, 500GB for $9.99/month, and finally 1TB for $19.99/month. As for the pricing, iCloud competitors Google Drive and Dropbox both offer 1TB of storage for half the price Apple is charging at only $9.99/month. It will be interesting to see if users take advantage of the new storage options and pricing, especially considering there are cheaper alternatives out there; Apple might be banking on how integrated iCloud storage is with their devices as well as hoping that people prefer to upgrade as opposed to moving to another service.

Given all the hype today over at Apple with their new devices, it’s hard to imagine that existing and potential iCloud customers have forgotten about the Apple account breaches only a couple weeks ago which allowed hackers to gain access to various celebrities’ iCloud storage and access their private information – most notably naked selfies of over 100 actresses, and singers. Apple has announced it is putting into place new safeguards to protect users’ Apple logins from hacking attempts, and only time will tell if these changes are enough to convince iCloud users that their cloud data is indeed safe within Apple’s service – that is if ordinary users even care at all.

What do you think about Apple’s new iCloud pricing? Do you feel safe using iCloud in light of the recent events? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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