Researchers Aim To Fight Osteoporosis Via Bone Paste



Osteoporosis isn’t necessarily a condition that many people worry about unless they’re suffering from it, but weak and brittle bones are definitely a problem for a number of people. Researchers are hoping to help osteoporosis patients with a type of bone paste that can help regenerate weak bones.

The paste would be comprised of a patient’s stem cells in addition to porous calcium phosphate microspheres. This combination would promote the growth of new bone. Ultimately, this paste could be injected into problem areas, or wherever new bone was needed.  This would practically allow for an outpatient procedure, and reduce dangerous invasive surgeries.

Dr. Ifty Ahmed is leading a team of researchers at Nottingham University. He spoke of preventative applications for this bone paste.

“Our aim would be to use screening to spot people who are at risk, then strengthen their bones before they get fractures.

“It means that rather than waiting until people have a fall and break something, we would try to stop that ever happening, along with the consequences, loss of independence, surgery and secondary illnesses.”

The researchers aim to make a procedure that can be completed in a day. First, doctors would extract stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow, then mix those cells with the paste of tiny hollow calcium phosphate microspheres. The paste could then be applied to weak or brittle bones in hopes of preventing serious injury from breaks and/or falls.

While no human trials have been conducted, the researchers are far enough along in their testing that they’re looking for commercial backing. so you can only assume that they’re comfortable with what they’ve discovered so far.

What do you think about bone paste? Valuable medical application or creepy gooey mess? Let us know in the comments or on your favorite social network. Isn’t living in the future great?

Source: Telegraph UK

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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