Are You Ready To Rock? Steam Integrates A Music Player Into Its Service


Valve mentioned adding a music player to it’s Steam service back in the winter of this year and yesterday Valve made it official.  (I bet you thought this was about Half Life 3… it is NOT confirmed) Basically, it’s a convenient in game music player for your MP3 collection allowing you to rock out to your favorite tunes while smashing heads with your Scout in Team Fortress 2 or any of your favorite Steam games.

As described in the official release from Valve:

Point Steam to the MP3s on your computer, then browse your collection of albums and artists. You’ll also find your Steam Soundtracks DLC in your Steam Music library when the associated base game is installed. Listen to albums, queue up mixes, and create playlists you love, right in your Steam library. Best of all, it’s all available right within the Steam Overlay, so you can control playback without leaving your game. The Steam Music library and player consist of all the basics you need to enjoy your music without switching tasks.


Music in games has always been an important aspect of the experience. The Steam Music Player was brought about by a community call out for a ‘less clunky’ way to listen to different music in game without involving a resource hungry program trying to operate while your game was running. In PC gaming, having your resources dedicated to your game environment is important to how the game plays. In addition to playing your own library of music, you can also access soundtracks to games you already own on Steam as well as have an option to purchase music from games you don’t necessarily own.  In some cases you can even score some free soundtracks.  Check out the list HERE for some musical gems you can snag for a whole lotta nada.

Personally, this is GREAT for me as I like to jam out heavily while I game. It stems I think from two things. One was Mega Man 2‘s soundtrack in which I would play certain levels over and over just to hear the music (i.e Flash Man).  Second I’d say was the Gran Turismo series on PS. There was nothing like racing with Motley Crue’s Kickstart My Heart screaming along with the action. The intro to Gran Turismo 2 (see the video below) was particularly awesome and to this day makes me want to go racing. Both of those games really got me addicted to having music going while I play to keep me going. For another thing, I can’t wait to get knee deep in Skyrim with a soundtrack that isn’t a lullaby like the one from Bethesda.

Are you excited about Steam integrating music into the mix? What songs get you going for what games? Be sure to comment below or hit us up on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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