Rumor: Redbox Instant Shutting Down On October 1st


We’ll just get this out of the way early, this one hasn’t been completely confirmed by anybody quite yet. It has been rumored though, and the elusive “Inside Sources” claim that Redbox will shut down its streaming service, Redbox Instant, starting on October first. point to a Reddit post, and offer the following scoop:

Someone claiming to have inside sources reported today on Reddit that Redbox Instant is about to shut down for good on October 1st. This has not been confirmed but their social media has recently gone dark. Redbox Instant’s Twitter account has not been updated since July 20th and their Facebook page has not been updated since August 13th. Both use to be very active accounts that aggressively pushed the service.

The sudden end to social media is similar to what happened with HitBliss that shut down earlier this year.

Redbox Instant has had a tough hill to climb against established services such as Netflix, Amazon Video, and others. Their pricing structure was fair, and comparable to these other services – $6 per month for streaming only, with an $8 and $9 option to add four dvds or Blu-Ray discs per month respectively from any Redbox Kiosk. Redbox Instant also works on many of the same game consoles, streaming boxes, etc. that Netflix and the other major players do.

We’ll keep an eye on this story, and offer further updates as they’re available.  Tell us what you think! You can contact us in the comment section below, or on your social network of choice.

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Featured image courtesy Google Play.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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