Weekly Rewind: Heroes Preview, Bungie Taketh Away, Going Dark, And More – Sep 21-27


From season premiere reviews to Destiny treasure caves and a touching tribute by Robert Downey, Jr., we’ve covered a lot over the past week here at MOARGeek. Here’s a quick recap of some of the stories we covered in our Weekly Rewind.


So a Deadpool has been officially announced. Don’t get too excited yet though, rumor has it the merc with a mouth will have to tone it back to make the movie suitable for PG-13 audiences…

The beloved Xenomorph will not be making an appearance in Prometheus 2

Director Ridley Scott has confirmed that the iconic Xenomorph will not be making an appearance in Prometheus 2. Bummer.

Earlier this week, Disney dropped a new trailer for their latest comic book adaptation, Big Hero 6 releasing this November.

The Wachowskis are at it again, creating another potential cinematic masterpiece titled Jupiter Ascending. Check out this teaser trailer!


Heroes of the Storm features weekly free hero rotations.

Blizzard’s upcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha has been out for awhile now – and we got access! Take a look as we preview what Blizzard is bringing to the MOBA table.

Are you a loyal fan of a long running game franchise? Jason Bouwmeester takes a look at what the gaming industry can learn from Turn 10, Playground Games, and the Forza racing series.

We previewed Heroes, unfortunately it doesn’t look like anyone will be previewing or playing Blizzard’s Project Titan. The game – seven years in development – has been cancelled.

Destiny players around the world rejoiced with the discovery of a loot cave in the game. Bungie put a quick stop to that and released a hot fix for the game which removed “The Loot Cave” as Bungie addresses the matter with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Not to be deterred, a couple other loot cave locations have been discovered.

Only one day left! Steam has a big sale on Pac-Man Championship Edition DX as well as the DLC and is free to play until tomorrow – September 29.

Xbox Live’s Games With Gold for October was announced earlier this week.

Free games! We take a quick peek at what’s on tap for Xbox Live’s Games With Gold for October. A couple pretty big past titles for the Xbox 360, as well as a brand new release title for the Xbox One.

This week marked the return of our weekly Playlist. Check out what the MOARGeek staff was playing this week. Hint: a lot of Destiny.

Sony is laying its Playstation Home service rest. The virtual world for PSN members is due to close March 31, 2015.


Pink Floyd’s The Endless River has a release date!

Pink Floyd fans, mark your calendars! Their upcoming album, Endless River, officially releases on November 10th!

Steam is getting into the music business – sorta. Steam Music Player is a convenient in game music player for your MP3 collection allowing you to rock out to your favorite tunes while playing your favorite Steam games.

Pop Culture

Christoper Wieninger renewed his Loot Crate subscription just so he could review it for the site. Find out if he thought it was worth it as he reviews September’s Loot Crate.

Robert Downey, Jr.’s mother Elsie passed away earlier this week. RDJ posted a touching tribute to his late mother on Facebook that had a few of us wiping a tear or two away.


Are you waiting to catch Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD? Disney has announced in a post on their Star Wars blog that verified viewers of Disney XD will be able to watch the lead in movie Spark of Rebellion a week early.


Crystal Black is back once again with her review of the latest Doctor Who episode… find out her thoughts about the Time Heist episode.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returned this week! Find out what we thought in our recap/review!

A lot of Marvel fans have been waiting to “Go Dark!” with Director Coulson and co…. we recapped and reviewed Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2 premiere – Shadows.

Matt Lyons watched as South Park kicked off its 18th season with a timely satire of the NFL, the weirdness of Silicon Valley start-ups, and the laziness of Kickstarter projects.

Big week for television as a number of shows had their season premieres, including Key & Peele. The show entered ts fourth season with some major changes to the show’s formula. Did they hurt or help?

Matt Lyons gives us his initial thoughts on Hyrule Warriors. He’s also been streaming it on our Twitch stream, so feel free to follow and check out some of the gameplay yourself.

That about wraps up our Weekly Rewind – look for our recap every Sunday for a quick glance at what you may have missed over the past week. As always, the staff here at MOARGeek thanks you – our readers – for checking us out throughout the week and thank you for your continued support. After all, we write because we love to share what interests us and keep you informed on geek stuff from around the world!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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