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How do you like to listen to podcasts? Most people enjoy them on their commute to and from work, while driving or going out for a walk. As such it’s no surprise that the majority of tools for listening to podcasts centre around mobile devices and operating systems. However, some people like to listen to their podcasts while they are at home or stationary next to a desktop computer. Although there are few options there is a new challenger in the desktop podcast listening choices that you may really want to check out.

Pocket Casts has won accolades for both it’s iOS and Android app (the latter regularly being chosen as the best Android podcasting app) and part of that has been due to its syncing feature allowing you to seamlessly switch between devices and even operating systems and continue where you left off. Now all these great features are coming to a brand new Pocket Casts web player.

If you’ve been stuck draining battery power using your device while sitting at a desktop you’ll no longer suffer while listening to your favourite podcasts. Instead your laptop or desktop can handle that for you.

You can sign up now to take part in the trial for the Pocket Casts web player or even plop down the one time $9 fee to access the new service and gain access for good. Although some people may not like the high price for a web app when you consider the one time payment instead of a subscription it is a bargain (if you subscribe to just 1 weekly podcast then that is 17 cents for each podcasts for a year) and that Pocket Casts need some money to keep their servers going, it really is a bargain.

Are you interested in a desktop podcast player? Let us know in the comments, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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