Today Is #DayOfDredd: Watch And Share Dredd To Help Support A Sequel


Today, October 1st, marks the annual ‘Day of Dredd’ in which fans of the violent R-rated comic book film Dredd are called upon to watch, stream, share, and/or buy a copy of the film to help drum up support for a sequel. Despite a massive box office flop when it came out in 2012 (grossing only $13m with a $50m budget), Dredd has gained a dedicated cult following after its DVD release for its gory, stylistic violence – and it deserves every bit of that dedication.

For anyone who has yet to see the film, Dredd is a no-holds-barred R-rated movie based around the equally as violent comic book of the same name. In a world where big studios are demanding that more and more films be PG-13 to gain a wider audience at the risk of losing a violent edge to their comic book films, the stylistic violence of Dredd was refreshing. It pulled no punches and it faithfully lived up to the personality of its comic counter part. The increase of PG-13 films is not the death of cinema by any means, but more R-rated action movies are something that a lot of fans, including myself, do not want to see die. I am an adult (or so people tell me). I like movies, I like stories written for adults, I like well-constructed violence in movies, I like blood splatter, I like curse words, I like Karl Urban’s frowny face, and I want a Dredd sequel. Do you?

If you do, there are a few simple ways you can help. A dedicated group of fans have organized a yearly “Day of Dredd” to give everyone a chance to watch or share the movie in any way they can. Have a friend you think would like it? Buy them a copy on Google Play Music, iTunes, or Amazon. Do you not have the money or just want to watch it yourself? It’s also available on Netflix. There is almost no reason not give it another viewing if you are at all interested in a sequel, and supporting the film could not be easier.

Already watched it today and want to continue helping? You can also sign the “Make a DREDD Sequel” petition over at, and share it around with your friends to keep the word going.

If you want to support the movement and keep up-to-date with its progress, you can check out the official “Make a DREDD Sequel” Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter.


Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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