Google Play Newsstand Gets Material Design Overhaul



Google is rolling out an update to their Google Play Newsstand application, bringing in more Material Design UI elements and a bold, dynamic new look.


Much has been talked of Google’s new design language, known as ‘Material Design’.  Since unveiling their new style approach at their I/O conference, Google has been slowly rolling out Material Design-infused updates to their lineup of mobile applications. Google Play Newsstand is the latest application to get the new UI treatment and it brings in many fresh new elements.

From a functional standpoint, the new app operates very similar to the earlier versions; horizontally scrolled tabs and vertically stacked content. Users may still purchase online magazine subscriptions through Google Play, as well as browse a large library of free content from several online news, media and blog sites. Attention was instead put into the look and style, bringing with it dynamic backgrounds, flat, colorful icons and clean UI elements. Even the app icon gets a makeover.

As you navigate through the ‘Read Now’ tab, the background slides and new, related content slowly fades in and out.  The effect brings a polished and modern look to the application. As before, users select from the standard article previews or instead choose Google Now-like mini cards.

The update also brings along with it a new 5×4 scrollable widget to give users direct access to highlighted articles from their homescreen.

Version 3.3 is slowly rolling out via Google Play, so you may not see the update on your device for another day or two.  If you are impatient, you can always head on over to GappsEarly and side-load it yourself.

Ironically, users have been reporting that the updated app currently does not work on the Android L Preview.

Download Google Play Newsstand (v3.3) via Google Play or direct APK download via Gappsearly.


What do you think about the Material Design refresh of the Google Play Newsstand app? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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