Report: Best Buy Reaching Limit On Galaxy Note 4 Pre-orders


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Some early reports from Best Buy stores around the country indicate that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is selling out for all carriers. The Galaxy Note 4 is Samsung’s fourth generation smartphablet. Samsung’s first generation kicked off the smartphablet craze, and even Apple has finally caved in this year offering their iPhone in phablet form (iPhone 6 Plus). These early reports are coming from Best Buy employees who indicate there are only a few left for select carriers while other carriers are completely sold out. We probably won’t get official numbers on how many Galaxy Note 4 devices were pre-ordered until Monday at the earliest, but there is a large fan base for the device, and it wouldn’t surprise us that the numbers were high.

The Note series of devices have a distinct advantage over other smartphablets in that they incorporate the S-Pen and the technology therein. The S-Pen is more than just a stylus. With its own SDK, developers are able to write S-Pen specific apps and take advantage of the multi-sensor tip on the S-Pen. Having used the Galaxy Note’s 1-3 I know some of those advantages, and they’re unique to the Note series. With Apple jumping into the phablet game and selling a huge amount of iPhone 6 Plus devices, it will be interesting to see what the official numbers from Samsung are come next week.

note: After receiving tips from several different contacts in different states, we called several Best Buy outlets in the Chicago area and confirmed Verizon and Sprint Note 4 devices were in very low stock, some indicated that AT&T Note 4s were in good stock.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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