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With not even so much as a peep from the house of mouse, a group of Disney Interactive games have appeared on Steam for the first time. The video game publishing arm of Disney is of course responsible for bringing the movie tie-in games that we all know and hate, but they also publish a lot of genuinely good games that you might not have known come from the same studio that pumped out Planes and a game based on Brave.

While none of the games they have released so far are new by any means, there are a couple of older hidden gems in there. Released in 2010 by the now defunct Black Rock Studios, Split/Second is a unique racing game that takes a lot of cues from the Death Race movies in that you are a racer taking part in a reality TV show complete with destructible environments based on your actions throughout a race. Alongside that is another racer which is one of my personal favorite games from the last console generation, Pure. Even if you are not into four wheelers or even that much into racing games, Pure is pure unadulterated fun. There are multiple modes and a ton of ways to customize your ATV to fit specific challenges. If you are picking it up now, it’s kind of a shame you will miss out on the online functionally because that is where the game shined back when I played it on the Xbox 360, but the single player is enough to fuel the $17.99 sale price the game currently sits at. Don’t worry, neither of these titles contain obnoxious Disney references or even give a hint that they’re published by the animated film giant.

Hopefully a GOTY edition of Disney Fairies: Tinkerbell
Hopefully a GOTY edition of Disney Fairies: Tinkerbell’s Adventures is coming soon. Image Courtesy Spoong

Outside of those couple games, though, the current library of games on Steam is pretty thin for Disney Interactive as the rest are all officially licensed “for kids” games as well as Epic Mickey 2But if Disney Interactive likes what they see with this move and continue to push games to Steam it opens their soon-to-be-expanding library of Star Wars games to the Steam audience, as well as Disney Infinity 2.0 and its Marvel cast of characters that released last month to Wii U, Xbox One/360, PS3/4, and PC.

You can check out the full list of games currently available from the publisher on Steam. Be sure to nab any you want now while they are at a slight discount.

*Featured image courtesy Play Stadium

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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