Explore The Desert With Google Maps Street View


Google Maps Street View is going where it has never gone before. By now we’re pretty used to Google Street View cars motoring around our city streets, obsessively mapping them out. But now Google Street View is going where it has never gone before and using a different type of transportation, camels. Explore the Arabian desert of Liwa in the United Arab Emirates via Google Camel View and man is it awesome!

Check out the video below to get the full experience.

“On your virtual trip through the desert, you’ll find sand dunes that reach an astounding height of 25-40 meters. These rolling sandy hills were home to early settlers back in the Late Stone Age, making Liwa one of the oldest sites in the United Arab Emirates,”

Google loves to do some crazy and fun things with the technology at their disposal and this is one more pretty neat and fun thing they can take credit for. Being able to see the other side of the world from your living room is simply amazing. There’s a lot of beauty to be seen that we probably will never see with our own two eyes so what better way than to do it virtually. Can’t wait to see where Google Camel View goes next! What do you think of Google’s latest Street View?

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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