Is Your 2011 MacBook Pro Going Bad? This May Be The Reason


Apple prides themselves on the hardware and software they produce, often calling their user experience “magical.” As a matter of fact Tim Cook and Craig Federighi both used that term several times in today’s iPad Air 2 event. But some users aren’t having such a magical experience with their 2011 MacBook Pro, and they’re starting to speak up. Several owners of the 2011 MacBook Pro are complaining of GPU issues that are rendering their thousand dollar machines useless, and they’re getting no support from Apple.

They’ve taken to reddit, Twitter and even have a petition address to Apple’s Tim Cook and Craig Federighi that demands any 2011 MacBook Pro be repaired or replaced. Just do a search on Twitter for #MBP2011 and you’ll find plenty of complaints and support for getting Apple to do something.

Everyone who bought a macbook pro spent a huge premium to buy macbook pro’s and did not expect to have a manufacturing defect. This issue had made a 2500$ investment a piece of junk in 2 years. We do not buy Apple products with this in mind.

Apple has not provided any signs of talks or steps from their side even though huge number of users are affected with this issue. Infact they are making money by given them logic board replacement solutions which is making the issue worse.

Even the Apple community has an extensive thread dedicated to the issue which has grown to over 600 pages and counting. How is your 2011 MacBook Pro running? Have you experienced any of the issues being complained about? If you’re having issues you might think about calling and complaining to Apple. Be sure to check out all the links below if you want to read up on the progress, sign the petition or check out the tweets. You can also head over to the source link over at reddit and read the conversation happening there.

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