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Free Hyrule Warriors Update Adds Three New Playable Characters

Nintendo is releasing a free update for Hyrule Warriors today that makes three more villains created specifically for the game playable – Volga, Wizzro, and the, uh, “well endowed” Cia. The trio will be the first of many planned additions to playable characters, which are being delivered through a mixture of free updates such as this and paid DLC packs.

The first of such paid DLC packs also comes out today in the form the Master Quest Pack, which adds some on-the-field goodies like the ability to ride Epona into battle when you play as a Link, as well additional costumes for Cia and Lana and a more difficult version of the game’s Adventure Mode. Perhaps the most interesting update, to anyone who actually enjoyed the convoluted and generally shallow story, is in the inclusion of five new missions that show Cia’s backstory leading up to the events of the game’s Legend Mode.

Details about the rest of the upcoming DLC are still mostly kept under wraps, but they are all looking like essentially the same type of updates with extra characters, chapters, and costumes promised in their teaser descriptions on Hyrule Warrior’s DLC page.

You can grab yourself the Master Quest Pack when it becomes available later today for $7.99, or purchase it and the pre-order the rest of the planned DLC as well as a special Dark Link costume for $19.99 (roughly a $10 discount compared to buying them separately). As enticing as that deal may be, unless you are an absolute Hyrule Warriors fanatic and see yourself playing the single-player game for another four months when the final DLC pack comes in February, you may want to hold off on buying them all just yet.

*Featured image courtesy of Always Nintendo
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