Tech Companies Fast Becoming Top Political Donators


Google has now overtaken Goldman Sachs’ political donation amounts in the United States, Goldman Sachs held the top slot at $1.4 million and Google slipped by with $1.43 million donated. While Google has upped its political contributions significantly over the years, reports that Google spent only a third of what Goldman Sachs spent in 2010.

Google’s political arm is called NetPAC and you can see all of their contributions via

With the NSA, privacy and security a hotbed of conversation among Americans, Google and other Silicon Valley companies are trying to leverage some influence in Washington. An interesting brief observation of their donations shows that they are nearly split in their donating between both political parties, Google has been a big supporter of the Democratic party but it looks to be putting its eggs in both baskets right now.

“The executives of those companies may not always agree with Republicans on social issues, but for a lot of them, at the end of the day, business is business,” said Reed Galen, a Republican consultant based in California.

It’s clear that election season is coming and Google, among other technology companies, want their voices heard in Washington. Check out the source link below for a comprehensive write up from They discuss other tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter, Apple and Facebook’s roles in political donations as well.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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