Let’s Fly: Consumer Drones With Live First Person Video

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Ever wish you could fly? Every now and again I’ll have a flying dream and it is absolutely amazing. The best part is that I have some lucidity, so I remember what my body felt like, what the ground looked like, and the air in my face; dreams are immersive. The next best think is a FPV Drone.
Drones have become a buzzword that sparks a lot of negativity. Government and corporate drones concern some people and I can understand that, but there is another drone market; the consumer.

As of today there are several drones that you can own, fly, and use to capture live video. A couple weekends ago, a French model plane club organized a first person drone race, where the contestants race a course while flying the drone in the first person. A lot of the consumer drones are not as immersive as the ones those guys use, but with a lot of alternate reality hardware and software being released, tinkerers are putting together some awesome rigs. These guys over at Intuitive Aerial have an example.


One of those drones will cost you a very pretty penny, but you can buy a cheaper one from Amazon for under $100 dollars, no I didn’t forget a zero. Obviously that is for a cheap model and if you really want to shoot some nice stuff, you will want to go with one that is more expensive. The DJI Phantom 2 sits at around $800 and that gets you a drone, a 14MP video camera with gyroscopic stabilization, and a remote control. You can broadcast the video on your mobile device so you can tell where you are going, which keeps the cost a little lower than it could be. Here is a video from Just 2 Guys Creative who modified one and added their own camera, these are some pretty epic shots, and those white glasses are sleek.

I’m itching to try this out. Are you? Do you have any experience with drone, or videos you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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