Bluesmart Wants to Make Traveling Less Stressful: Here’s How


Bluesmart, a start up company based out of New York, has really gone to town creating a suitcase that is absolutely chock full with tech. What the heck kind of tech could you put in a suitcase? What’s the point? Well read further and you’ll understand. You also might just have to have one.

The Bluesmart line of suitcases will be the first to the smart suitcase market. It’s a carry on bag that communicates with your Android or iOS device, and boy do you get a whole lot of information from it. What’s the first thing you worry about when traveling nowadays? Weight. Well don’t worry; you don’t have to perform a balancing act on your bathroom scale to see if you are going to be $50 dollars poorer when you check you bag, because the Bluesmart has a scale built into the handle.

The next thing you worry about is how secure your valuables are going to be, especially if you are going to check your bag. Well this suitcase has a built-in smart lock unlike any other. You can control it from your phone, and if your suitcase loses your Bluetooth signal, it’ll lock itself up so you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting rummaged through. On top of that, the Bluesmart will alert you when you get separated. The lock is also TSA approved, so you won’t find your suitcase pried open and damaged on the other end.

Unlock from your phone (courtesy Bluesmart)
Unlock from your phone (courtesy Bluesmart)

Bluesmart not only wants you to be aware of its immediate proximity but also its proximity in the world. A GPS is built in so, if your bag doesn’t come through, you can know where the heck your bag is even before the airline does. Because of the GPS, Bluesmart offers your travel stats like how far you traveled and for how long.

Track your travel stats with your suitcase (courtesy Bluesmart)

The bag also has a battery pack installed that lets you charge up your devices while on the go. We all know what a pain it is to charge your devices in an airport – you’re either on the floor or fighting for a seat by a plug. The suitcase can charge two devises at once and Bluesmart claims you will be able to charge your phone’s battery 6 times off on one charge.

Charge your battery on the go (courtesy Bluesmart)

Bluesmart isn’t going to stop there, though. The suitcase is made of extremely durable materials, has a waterproof zipper, and extremely easy electronics storage. Bluesmart also says support for smartwatches is coming soon. Here is their hilarious ad:

Do you want one now? If you do, hit up the source link and pre-order yours now at Indiegogo for $195.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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