iPhone 6 Plus Ballistic Urbanite Case Review

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The iPhone 6 Plus has been in the hands of consumers, now, for a few weeks, and some of you are probably looking around for a cover to protect it. The iPhone 6 Plus Ballistic Urbanite case is a midrange cover that provides excellent protection and good grip. Keep reading for the rest of what this case has to offer and what it might not.


The Ballistic Urbanite is probably one of the most minimalist designed cases I’ve ever used in my life. Its simple slab rubber look doesn’t scream fancy or garner any curious looks, it’s just plain. That’s not a bad thing, the design and shape is appealing and it’s not ugly by any means. You’re just not making any fashion statements with this case any time soon. Ballistic branding is subtly embossed on the lower right edge of the case. It’s so subtle you can miss it, and I like that. A company who downplays their logo is a company who’s confident that the user will brag that they have a Ballistic case, and that’s the best endorsement one can have. Ballistic’s volume and power button design is wonderful. They’ve managed to retain the tactile feel of the buttons while providing excellent protection. The case is pretty rigid and firm. There is some flex to it, but it’s a solid build and also a bit bulkier than some other cases, for good reason. Design-wise, I love the simple, no-nonsense look with zero flash.


The Ballistic Urbanite is drop test certified to 6′ plus and has extra protection on the corners for those pesky corner drops that crack screens. The raised lips and corners are much higher than other covers I’ve used and provide excellent protection to the screen when laying face down. The Urbanite is made from multiple layers but is molded into one piece so no need to mess with more than one step to install. This thing is rugged and beefy. It will no doubt protect your iPhone 6 Plus with ease from table drops, pocket drops or even ear drops. I dropped my own 6 Plus with this cover on from about 4 feet and 5 feet and the phone come through unscathed. This is not a slim case by any means but with that you get added protection that slim cases won’t cover. Protection-wise, I love the padding on this thing. It’s built to take some good beatings. However, if you’re in construction or the like you might check into Ballistic’s higher protection covers.


Overall the Urbanite is a must buy if you love minimal design and mid-range protection. Ballistic makes some great covers from slims to heavy duty, and the Urbanite falls nicely in between. You might look elsewhere if you’re not wanting to add bulk to your phone, as the Urbanite does increase the phone’s dimensions. But, if you’re OK with some added bulk, I give the Urbanite a full 5 stars. It’s not fancy, it’s not pretty, but it protects your phone nicely. Get your Urbanite at the link below (click the Ballistic Logo). The Black version is $16, other colors pricing may vary.

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*We were sent a demo unit of the Urbanite for the purposes of this review.


Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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