Copresence: A multi-platform cross-communication service from Google?

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We received a tip that Google may be about to announce a new service called “Copresence.”  The data was found in the latest Google Play Services APK, and points to a multi-platform communication service that will allow Android and iOS devices to communicate with each other.  Keep reading for more info.

We received the following information:

Google is going to launch a service titled “Copresence” in the coming weeks. The goal of the service will be to allow cross communication between Android and iOS devices through Bluetooth, Wifi (possibly Wifi Direct?) and Location based data.

I located a large quantity of files referencing the service in the latest Google Play Services APK, including banner images for setup, explanations of how the service works and XML’s defining the layouts of the setup app.

Upon investigation, I noticed that Google already has patents in the works for a service titled “Copresence”, allowing data retrieval from a device using a server and then feeding back relevant data. There is also numerous Chrome code review comments referring to a service called “Copresence” stating that it will not require a Google account to use, and confirming that it will be in fact multi-platform.

A link to Chrome APIs and several pictures were included in the tip as well:

Cross-platform file sharing has certainly been done with services such as Google’s own Drive, or other services such as Dropbox, or Copy, amongst others. This seems more like a way for nearby devices to communicate with each other, possibly automatically, but definitely in a manner to share files, settings, location – pointing out other nearby users perhaps – who knows what else?  There are definite similarities to a service outed by Android Police back in June called “Nearby,” which alerts other users when you are in the area.

What do you think?  Will we see Google Copresence in the near future?  Will the forward-facing product be called “Copresence?” What else do you think a service of this sort could be used for?  Let us know in the comments, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

Thanks to Simon Tucker for the tip!

Last Updated on January 7, 2023.


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