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Dropbox, one of the first consumer cloud storagesystems to the market, is linking arms with Microsoft today. The two companies are integrating their mobile services to make life a whole lot easier for their customers as well as make each others service more attractive.

Dropbox will integrate Microsoft Office into the platform, so when a World file is opened from Dropbox, it will appear in the Microsoft mobile suite. Similarly Microsoft will integrate direct sharing from the Office suite to Dropbox. In terms of convenience, this was something that consumers have been asking for, and something that Drive and other competitors have had from the get go. Google Drive and OneDrive have been offering editable documents for a long time now, so Dropbox may have lost some clients to the giants. Now that Dropbox is getting in bed with Microsoft, you can edit documents right in the Office suite, we might see some migration back to Dropbox.

This is a big step for Dropbox because an overwhelming number of Microsoft Office documents are stored using the cloud. One perspective of this service merge is that Microsoft is admitting OneDrive’s inferiority. The fact of the matter is that OneDrive is not as used as Microsoft would like it to be, but that does not mean Microsoft is going to abandon it. This leads to a second perspective – Microsoft is realizing that in order to stay relevant and practical, they must be usable and more inclusive. By integrating a service that already has millions of users, Microsoft is creating a channel that directs people to its product.

Microsoft is making an impressive, sensible, and mature business move. This is not only a score for Microsoft, but this integration means that Dropbox can offer something that it has been missing, making its service much more attractive to a customer shopping for a reliable and intuitive file sharing and Cloud storage service. Microsoft plans to update Android and iOS apps soon so, Dropbox users, get ready for a whole lot of productivity.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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