Google’s Eric Schmidt Reboots Classic Economist Advert


Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt is a busy guy, after all he is busy running a multi-billion dollar company who’s hell bent on world data domination (tongue-in-cheek). The Economist tapped Schmidt’s acting abilities to star in a reboot of its classic Henry Kissinger advertisement where a business man happens to have Kissenger sit next to him on his flight. Having someone like Kissenger or Schmidt sit next to you may make you a little nervous and short of words. The gist of the ad is if you read The Economist you would have something to talk about with someone of Kissenger’s caliber. The same is implied in the Schmidt reboot. Take a look at the reboot below and the original below it.

It’s a fun little ad and I’m quiet impressed that The Economist was able to get someone of Schmidt’s caliber to play along with them. It’s always nice to see CEO’s break away from their business roles to have a little fun, it makes things refreshing even if Schmidt is after all of your private data (tongue-in-cheek again). Let us know what you think of The Economist Kissenger/Schmidt ad reboot. Sound off in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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