Microsoft’s .Net Will Now Be Open Source


Microsoft has been playing catch-up for a little while and, really, they have been doing a good job. It seems as though Microsoft has realized that in their position, being exclusive is not the way to be. We saw this last week when Microsoft announced its deal with Dropbox.  This deal allowed users to open files from Dropbox in the mobile Office Suite, while also allowing users to save files directly to Dropbox. They got their toes in the mobile market and acquiring Nokia was a smart, smart move. Along with other interventions, Microsoft has now announced something that is a potential game changer:  .Net will now be open sourced, and they are working to make the script run on Mac OS as well as Linux machines. Before this, developers had to choose what platform they were going to run their software on and choose the language and developer tools accordingly; now that doesn’t have to happen.

“ [Microsoft] is making the full server-side .Net stack open source and expanding .Net to run on Linux and Mac OS platforms, enabling developers to build with .Net across Windows, Mac or Linux. Through this implementation, Microsoft will work closely with open source communities, taking contributions for future improvements to .Net, working through the .Net Foundation.”

This helps people who want to write software for multiple platforms, making .Net much more attractive. Secondly, developers and businesses that use .Net now have a lot more options for expansion.

“With these releases, we are broadly opening up access to our industry-leading platform and tools to every developer building any application in today’s mobile-first, cloud-first world.”-S. Somasegar

Developer options will improve dramatically, and because of this, Microsoft will be able to charge for premium versions of the software development packages. While .Net was previously made accessible through a project by Xamarin, this new software will be uniquely Microsoft. The new .Net software, Visual Studio, will be available in 2015 and so, it is aptly named, .Net 2015.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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