Microsoft Is Second Most Valuable Company In The World

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First is the worst, second is the best? Microsoft has been in tech news a lot lately. They have been updating, changing adapting, and adding services like mad men and finally it is paying off.

As a recap, They announced Windows 10, which looks at though it’s going to be what Windows 8 should have been. Then somewhere in there was the Surface Pro 3, and the acquisition and re-branding of Nokia to “Lumia.” There was the announcement of a wearable, a service merge with Dropbox, a revamp of .net, and just yesterday they announced Web based version of Skype.

Microsoft has been actively working to restore the name to it’s former glory, and it looks as though their efforts are paying off. They just became the second most valuable company under Apple by passing Exxon. For those of you who care about numbers, on Nasdaq, Microsoft is now at $49.58 per share now valued at $410 Billion, Exxon to $94.90 valued at $400 billion, and Apple at $144.18 valued around .6 trillion.

You have to hand it Microsoft, they have managed to stay in the news and stay relevant, in some of the most competitive months in tech. A person who should be credited for a lot of this revitalization is Satya Nadella, the current CEO of Microsoft. Nadella is making his mark in the world, and if something is going to prove that he is an excellent business man, his turnaround of Microsoft is going to be it. Nadella realized that forcing users to be locked into and ecosystem just couldn’t be on the agenda anymore.

When you are in consumer market, businesses either have to choose whether they tell their consumer’s what they want, or let their consumers tell them what they need. Microsoft wanted to be Apple, and lock consumers into an ecosystem, which wasn’t a horrible idea originally. They released nice devices, and provided a good platform for the ecosystem to grow, but it just didn’t. This was a major contributing factor to why Microsoft got swept under the rug until not so long ago.

Since Nadella, there has been a clear change in Microsoft’s thinking: they starting listening to consumers. I think it was when they gave in and put the start button back in 8.1. They are even starting to get cocky, running some snarky ads, poking fun at Apple, just like Apple did back in the day. While Microsoft still has a lot of work to do, they’ve still got fight in ’em.

Do you see Microsoft ever catching up to Apple? Do you credit Nadella for Microsoft’s new growth? Let us known in the comments or on social media.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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