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Motorola Recalls Entire AT&T Nexus 6 Inventory


Before we report on the Nexus 6 recall situation, it is important to note that the only Nexus 6’s impacted are AT&T’s Nexus 6 inventory – these would be the AT&T branded devices. All other Nexus 6 carrier variants are good to go and should not be affected. Motorola is asking AT&T to send back its entire Nexus 6 inventory due to a bad software install which basically turns the device into a paperweight. The bug in the software gives the user a black screen and does not connect to any services whatsoever. AT&T stores are being instructed to return all Nexus 6 units and to process a return for any customer who comes in with a unit that exhibits these symptoms. So it looks like you’re covered if you start having issues with your AT&T Nexus 6.


courtesy droid-life

The good news is that AT&T and Best Buy will continue to accept Direct Fulfillment orders for customers who have yet to order a Nexus 6, and you’ll be getting a bug free device when it ships. No word yet on if returning a defective unit will push you ahead in line to get a replacement though.

Did you buy a AT&T Nexus 6? Have you had any issues like these? Have you returned yours? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

  Source: Droid-Life

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