Deep Dwelling Anglerfish Gets Caught In Rare Video


We don’t generally cover non-tech stories here at Techaeris but we often cover science related stories and we’ll “conveniently” consider this one of those stories. The deep dwelling Anglerfish is a deep sea fish who has rarely ever been captured on video or film. According to The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research it’s only been seen by research vessels less than half a dozen times. So the Anglerfish is a rare site indeed but it is that combined with its fierce looking face that makes it worthy of being reported on. It’s also noteworthy that the Anglerfish was also in Finding Nemo.


Many anglerfish species are deep-sea dwellers, which poses a challenge to ecologists who hope to study and observe the fish. Anglerfish morphology reflects the value of energy conservation for these organisms which often live in extremely prey-scarce environments.[9] Some researchers suggest this is why many ceratioids minimize their energy use by remaining lethargic and using a lie-and-wait hunting strategy.[10] Anglerfish are particularly well suited to conserve energy because they are able to hunt and forage while remaining lethargic, devoting just 2% of energy intake to swimming.

The crazy thing is this most of these fierce looking fish that look like they would maul your face off grow to only about 3.5 inches in length, so they may be big enough to maul your finger. Some have been known to reach a meter in length, but the vast majority are quite small.  But really, it’s really cool and score one for science, that we are able to see these creatures living so deep underwater that we otherwise wouldn’t see without technology.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the video has been removed from YouTube.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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