No, The Star Wars Episode VII Trailer Did Not Leak


A convincing fan made trailer for Star Wars Episode VII is making the rounds and fooling a lot of eager fans. Posted on YouTube by user Romeo Lux, the video looks like a legitimate trailer at first glance, but after some digging around and close inspection it is a clear fake.

NOTE: The actual trailer HAS released. Check it out! 

Looking at the YouTube comments now, three days after the video was posted, there is a mix of duped Star Wars fans sharing their excitement and other less-optimistic fans informing them that it is actually fake. We ourselves got a couple anonymous tipsters letting us know about the “leak” (which, by the way we are extremely appreciative of!) so we thought it’d be worth a quick and dirty breakdown.

For starters, there is the inclusion of several “J.J. Abrams lens flares,” which he has cut down in previous years. A nice touch by the creator to make it seem real, but those flairs mixed with sloppy editing with generic fade in/fade out cuts point heavily to a fan made fake.

At around 1:13 there is a short appearance from Chewbacca – which of course is a clip from the original Star Wars trilogy. In general, the quality of the picture in the trailer switches back and forth far too often to be real.

It has already been confirmed that the actual teaser will be 88 seconds long, where this trailer is 111 seconds.

The most convincing, and in the end most damning, part of the trailer is an aged Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker at around 1:07. Whoever created the fake teaser did a decent job combining a scene in Episode III where Anakin is looking off into the middle distance with a random Google-able image of current day Mark Hamill from the UK Guardians of the Galaxy premiere back in July As you can see in the banner image up there, it’s obviously the same image.

Eager fans will click just about anything with “Star Wars Episode VII” in the title (which may or may not be why you’re here…), but now more than ever is a good time to keep your wits about you when trying to find the latest news about the film. The actual teaser is right around the corner, and we’re sure a legitimate bootleg will end up on YouTube within a day anyway so hold onto your butts and enjoy your Thanksgiving – or just another Thursday if you’re not in the US.

And of course, feel free to enjoy a very well done fan made teaser for the film that we all can’t wait for. Nothing wrong with that.

Edit: The composition of Mark Hamill’s face onto the older video was done by Austen Saltz in his own fan made trailer just a few days before this one was posted. Austen’s own video can be seen here, and the Mark Hamill clip is around 0:46.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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