Nexus 5 Caseology Review: Great Case for the Price

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I’ve had my LG Nexus 5 in a case since I purchased it about a year ago. There are so many cases out there and I initially settled on the Spigen Neo Hybrid. I absolutely loved it until a few months ago when the volume button dislodged and Spigen’s customer support chose to ignore me after I replied to their request for more information. So I was on the hunt for a new phone case for my Nexus 5, which brings us to the Nexus 5 Caseology review.

It’s surprisingly tough to find a phone case for the Nexus 5 locally, the couple I did find looked cheaply made but came at a high price ($25Cdn+). So, as I did with the Spigen, I hit up Amazon again to check out the selection there – and selection there was.

I finally settled on the Caseology LG Google Nexus 5 Vintage Hybrid Series – Premium Distressed Leather.


I know I said above I went with the Premium Distressed Leather option. In reality, the case is actually manufactured with premium matte PU leather which is mentioned in the product description, so I knew that going in that it wouldn’t be genuine leather. With that out of the way, when the case finally arrived it was pretty much as I expected. The case itself is crafted out of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), and the PU leather is applied to the back surface only. It would have been nice to see it wrap around the edges as well, however after a couple weeks of use I’m glad to have the grippier plastic surface on the sides as opposed to the slippier “leather.”

Nexus 5 Caseology Case Phone Power Camera
The cutouts on the Nexus 5 Caseology case are bang on.

The cutouts are bang on and allow easy access to the power and volume buttons, as well as the USB charging port and headphone jack. I’ve had cases in the past where the USB and/or headphone jacks have been tight fits, but the cutouts on this case are cut properly and I had no issues with either port.

The case goes on very easily, and fits nice and snug around the Nexus 5 as well. The case still has a relatively slim profile and doesn’t add that much to the phone itself.

One thing I really liked about the Spigen was that it had a raised grid of sorts on the inside of the back to allow for heat escape. The Caseology just has a flat inside, but I haven’t noticed the case or phone feel hotter than it normally should. My only other concern with the case is the fact that the leather is basically a sticker on the back of the TPU case. However, after a few weeks of regular use, the leather isn’t showing any signs of peeling or lifting from the plastic surface it’s adhered to.


The case feels solid, and I’m confident that if dropped it will adequately protect my phone, especially if it lands on a corner or on the back which has a bit of extra padding due to the leather backing. This one didn’t come with a screen protector either, so that’s something to keep in mind.


Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a price of $9.99. Even after shipping, this still put the case around the $16 mark which for what you get is a great price. Time will tell how the case holds up but so far I don’t see any issues with it and expect for the price it should last me for at least the next year, and hopefully I’ll be shopping for a new case for a new phone by then!


As far as cases go, I’m pleased with the quality for the cost of this case. If you’re looking for a highly affordable tight fitting case for your Nexus 5, I’d definitely recommend you take a look at this one. While I did order the “Premium Distressed Leather” version, there are also premium matte leather and carbon fiber models in a wider range of colors.

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*We reviewed a retail unit of the Nexus 5 Caseology Case purchased by the reviewer.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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