UPDATED: Could An Xbox One Wearable Be Coming?

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Various sites have been reporting that an Xbox One wearable device could be launching next year. This is definitely an interesting rumor as in a lot of ways it makes sense.

UPDATE (02/12/14 12:20p ET): We’ve received word from the company the Xbox One wearable quote was attributed to that the quote was incorrect, and as such have removed reference.



Heading on over to the main source of the news, PC Retail – a UK PC/Tech industry news site, found the link had been removed and now returns a 404 page. However, a search for Xbox One on the site does indeed show that the article existed at one point and includes the text “microsoft-to-launch-wearable-tech-devices-for-xbox-one-in-2015″ in the URL.

Given Microsoft’s goal of making the Xbox One console an all-in-one entertainment system for the home, and the existence of Xbox Fitness on the console, it’s not a stretch to see Microsoft wanting to tie in their Microsoft Band to the Xbox One for health, fitness, and other reasons. As the Band tracks your heart rate, steps, and calorie burn, it could easily complement the stats already shown by Xbox Fitness through Kinect monitoring and add them to your daily health monitoring through the Microsoft Health apps. As well, one could suspect that simple functions now contained within the Xbox One SmartGlass app such as playback control could be added into the device.

What do you think about this latest rumor? Do you thinking adding functionality on the Microsoft Band tied into the Xbox One would make sense? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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