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Google Glass has had a mixed bag of reaction and acceptance since its limited release back in April 2013, and has found itself slipping recently. Seems consumers still aren’t convinced they need such a device in their lives and it’s hard to blame them with a $1500 price tag over Glass. Now, The Wall Street Journal reports, that Google Glass Intel power is coming in the next version of Glass. That’s right, Intel is entering the wearables game and attaching itself to one of the most recognized wearables product.

But Intel is taking a different marketing approach with Glass and turning left away from consumer based sales. Instead they are going to market the Intel version of Glass to hospitals and manufactures pushing the device as a workplace tool rather than a consumer toy. And it seems Google is also on board for this new path for Glass as well, although they’re not entirely throwing the consumer market to the trash, Google views Glass as a cross-over product.

Through a program it calls Glass at Work, Google is working with software developers including Augmedix Inc. and APX Labs LLC to encourage use of Glass in industries such as health care, construction and manufacturing where employees work with their hands but need information.

“We expect Glass to evolve and be more useful for companies, but it will still be a crossover device for consumers,” said Eric Johnsen, vice president of business development at APX Labs, which makes Glass software used by manufacturing, oilfield-services and logistics companies.

Intel powered chips have a lower power consumption and are among the best on the market so replacing the current Texas Instruments chip inside Glass is likely going to be a good thing overall. It remains to be seen just how an Intel-powered Glass will fare in the work or consumer market and Google will really need to work on pricing and software as well. Having a company like Intel invest into your wearable product is huge so chalk this up as a point in the win column for Google – now they have to capitalize on it.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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