Windows 10 Consumer Preview Projected Late January 2015


If you are tech head, you probably get more excited for new hardware and software releases than you probably should. There was a lot of big news this season, including the announcement of the next iteration of Windows: Windows 10. The Business preview of Windows 10 has been available for some time now, but for the individuals out there, we have been left hanging. Finally there may be some salvation; reports have been made, originating from The Verge, that Microsoft will show off the Windows 10 consumer preview at some point in January, most likely after CES 2015, which will be from January 6th-9th in Las Vegas. The Verge did not include a source but is connecting the dots from Microsoft’s projected early 2015 consumer preview.

A big feature of the Windows 10 Operating system is what Microsoft is calling Continuum. Continuum essentially adapts the operating system for how you are using the operating system and on which device. If you are using Windows 10 solely on a desktop computer, the touch interface will fade to the background and the desktop will be the main interface. If you are using a tablet, then the metro interface will be the foremost UI that you interact with. The operating system is designed with the Surface, and similar hardware in mind. When you have the keyboard attached, the surface will be in “Desktop” mode, but when you take the keyboard off, you will enter mobile mode where apps take over the screen, and the start menu takes you to the UI. This is a nice refinement of the Windows 8 UI and it shows that Microsoft is being responsive to customer feedback.

Will you be hopping on the Windows 10 bandwagon or are you fine with Windows 8, even 7 or XP? Do you think that Microsoft is moving in the right direction with Windows 10? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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