All The Star Wars: Episode VII Memes Your Heart Desires


If you have been anywhere near the internet for the past week, you have probably seen the epic trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens by now several dozens of times, if not bordering on an embarrassing amount of times (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone). Despite still being over a year away from the movie release, excitement is in full swing over the upcoming Star Wars installment.

Thanks to the amazing (and sometimes scary) powers of the internet, memes from just about every frame in the trailer have been put to good, bad, and even hilarious use. Since we’re the nice people that we are here at MOARGeek, we’ve compiled a fairly comprehensive list of our favorites so you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding all of them on your own.

star-wars-light-saberThe most popular meme so far seems be the tri-lightsaber scene. We’ll start off with something family friendly, because after all this is a Walt Disney Pictures production. A very clever variation among an elite list, the cinematography and special effects really shine in this picture, even more so than the fake glow of the balloon dog. But who wouldn’t want a lightsaber balloon dog? Over the tri-lightsaber? Probably not, but a unique idea nonetheless.

Stills are great, but they can’t quite seem to mimic the true feeling of a .gif, which by far and away are the best variety of memes there is. For the handy person in your life, be sure to check out star-wars-light-saberthe super utility lightsaber, complete with knife, scissors, and a corkscrew just in case you can shear the top of the wine bottle off cleanly.

Are you loving it yet?! Maybe your loved ones don’t need the swiss-army-lightsaber this year, but perhaps you still have yet to pick out a tree and maybe that one in the middle of the parking lot of the grocery store is the absolutely only perfect tree in the entire world so guess what, you have to have it. You’re just in luck, because now you can get the chainsaw lightsaber that will cut through even the thickest tree trunks! Warning: if you stare at the gif too long, you might go blind.


Everyone is wanting to get in on the fun with a Lego version already up (and a pretty stellar one at that) and even Blizzard Entertainment did a quick remodel on Frostmourne the sword the Lich King (Ner’zhul) wielded and later his unwitting host, Arthas Menethil (pictured in the feature image).

It seems the Sith know how to go all out for the holidays as well!

happy holidays

Or maybe that standard lightsaber isn’t quite wide enough for you?


Much better.

Pretty wicked selection, if we do say so ourselves. Enough of the lightsaber though, while it’s a great scene to play with there is so much more to see, so many memes to consume. And just think, we still have 380 days for people to keep coming up with comedy gold to satiate our Star Wars needs until we can sit in front of a movie screen and uncontrollably drool as we watch something magical unfold right before our very eyes.

The hampster ball R2 unit:


Let’s also not forget the sudden but inevitable betrayal but still hilarious, they see me rollin’ meme. Another honorable mention, R2-D20, from Adam Field’s Twitter.

The most delicious meme we’ve seen so far (and possibly the grossest), hands down, goes to the Magnum bar Speeder:


We’d be remissed if we did not include everyone’s favorite Dexter character James Doakes getting in on the Star Wars action as well (click for unedited version).


Of course you don’t have to take our word for it, you can follow the Twitter hashtag #TheForceAwakens to keep up with the imagination and genius people will be bestowing upon us all, like the googly eyes sequence that will always hold a place in our hearts. For now, all we can do is wander aimlessly on the internet and patiently wait for J.J. Abrams and crew to kick out their masterpiece on December 18th of 2015. In the meantime these reaction gifs perfectly embody what the atmosphere here at MOARGeek will be when the time comes:



Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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