SimCity 2000 Is Currently Free On Origin For A Limited Time


SimCity 2000 is currently free to anyone using EA’s Origin service. The 1994 city-building simulator was the first in a long line of great city-building simulators that culminated in the disastrous SimCity released in 2013. SimCity 2000 is the second game in the series, and will be quite the jolt of tedium to anyone who has only played SimCity or even the older Sim City 4.

Technically the second game in the series, SimCity 2000 was the first “true” SimCity game as it introduced a ton of features that are staples in the series today and it’s hard to imagine any SimCity game without them. Prisons, Schools, Libraries, Museums, Marinas and Hospitals were all introduced to the series when the game was released in 1994, as well as the ability to manually build roads.

The game is free as part of Origin’s “On the house” promotion, which releases free games from time to time. In the past, this included the entirety of The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection which contained the base game and all its expansions.

If you want SimCity 2000 for free, all you have to do is mosey on over to the “On the House” page, click “Get it Now,” and you’re set. No strings attached (other than the need to have Origin installed), no time limit, and it’s yours forever. The game normally runs for $6, and EA has not said how long this promotion will last, so it would be a good idea to pick it up now while you still can.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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