Christian Bale Says The Dark Knight Rises Ending Was Not A Dream, In Case You Were Wondering


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Christian Bale explained what no one was confused about – the fact that The Dark Knight Rises ending was not all a dream. Spoilers below.

In that ending sequence, Alfred spots a happy Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle enjoying a day in Italy, which is the exact scenario that Batman’s longtime butler said he wanted for Bruce earlier in the film. Were it any other director but Christopher Nolan, this sequence would be quick and easy to take in, but given Nolan’s past films, it has left some people – or at least this Entertainment Weekly interviewer – a bit confused.

To be fair to Bale, he was asked the pretty strange question directly, and answered it well. The scene isn’t really all that ambiguous to begin with. Bruce faking his own death to get out of his Batmanly duties and running off to Italy with Catwoman seems like a pretty cut and dry ending, but it’s nice hearing someone involved with the trilogy we watched for almost a decade say that it didn’t end with a generic dream sequence. I also like that he said it’s normally up to the viewer what the ending means, which is one of the best things about films.

Now if someone could just come out and say whether or not the Inception ending was a dream, I could finally sleep at night.

What do you think? Is Christian Bale’s Batman actually dead, and Alfred was dreaming it all, or did he fake his own death and fly off with Selina Kyle? Does love truly travel across dimensions? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Google+.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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