Archie Reboot With An Edgier Tone Coming In 2015


Archie, the character and comic book namesake of the publishing company Archie Comics, will be rebooting in 2015. This first-ever Archie reboot will come 73 years after the relatable teenage Archie and his small American town of Riverdale were introduced in 1941. Speaking to The New York Times, current CEO of Archie Comics Jon Goldwater said of the 73-year-old comic, “I found Archie to be dusty, irrelevant and watered-down. It has taken me a while to really wrap my hands around where we are as a brand,” in reference to when he took over the company from his father who ran the publishing company since its origins in 1939 all the way until his death in 1999.

Past attempts to inject some life into the series have come in the form of killing off Archie himself, and even a darker zombie-themed series titled “Afterlife with Archie” which has been running since October 2013.

When the new Archie #1 releases in 2015 it will feature a very different Archie and Riverdale, according to reports. To keep up with these darn kids and their rap music, Jughead, Betty, Archie, and the general tone of the series will be much edgier than the freckle-faced protagonist that has headlined the series since the ’40s. That’s not to say that Archie will lose his wholesome and family-friendly nature, however, as Goldwater has promised to keep that aspect of the comic intact. “We want to keep the lighthearted and family-friendly tone, but we have to do it in the present times, and that forces us to change,” he told The New York Times.

Along with a new comic, Archie is also being made into a live-action television show airing on Fox titled Riverdale. The series is being produced by Greg Berlanti, the man also responsible for bringing Warner Bros. properties The Flash and Arrow to CW. While Warner Bros. doesn’t actually own Archie comics – like they do DC Comics – they have worked with the company in the past, including several licensing deals to have Archie characters appear in their own comics and other media, and they will also be producing Riverdale.

Archie’s rebooting will mark the end of one of the longest-running comics book series in America, with its latest issue at the time of this writing sitting at #662.

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Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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