Google Shopping Will Get In The Ring With Amazon


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is preparing to reach deeper into online commerce with some Amazon-like enhancements to Google Shopping. According to insiders Google has already approached several (undisclosed) online retailers about placing a Google Shopping “buy” button on their site results that would work like Amazon’s one-click ordering. The Wall Street Journal says Google’s motivation is to keep users on their pages longer. Google Shopping used to just send users to the merchant website via a link taking the user away from Google’s search. Google’s goal is to keep users on Google search (not to sell merchandise in its own store) to continue looking for products to buy, rather than head to Amazon where people can easily search and buy at will. Adding the buy button would allow users to get that product and continue searching for other products never leaving Google.

The people familiar with the matter said the discussions are preliminary and Google might not go ahead with either plan. Several retailers Google approached were cool to the “buy” button, because they fear price competition in an online bazaar and don’t want to lose control over the image they present to shoppers.

A Google spokeswoman said “we continuously explore and test many ideas for improving the experience for consumers. We don’t have anything to announce.”

Amazon is a pretty dominant force in online sales and once users are on Amazon’s site, they continue searching within Amazon’s site taking valuable search advertising revenue from Google. It will be interesting to see where this leads and if it comes to fruition. Another challenge for Google is to maintain fair and balanced search results for users and not placing its own results at the top, they’ve been accused of that before. Head over to the source link below for some more in depth analysis of Google’s potential Google Shopping plans.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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