Telltale Games And Mojang Announce Episodic Minecraft: Story Mode

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Telltale Games in conjunction with Mojang have announced a new episodic, player decision-driven series titled Minecraft: Story Mode. Similar to what Telltale has done with The Walking Dead, Borderlands and Game of Thrones properties in their other games, Story Mode will be told through episodes released periodically and give gamers the option to play through the world of Minecraft making decisions of arguable importance along the way.

What will be different with Minecraft, of course is that the game does not have an established story. Mojang has confirmed that this is not setting the stage for any kind of actual Minecraft canon, but will be a situation similar to an expanded universe. In Telltale’s announcement, they reveal that the series will “mix new characters with familiar themes,” which will probably mean original Telltale-created characters in the Minecraft universe. The universe that up until this point has been entirely built by Minecraft players.

Mojang’s contribution, as they put in their own blog post, will be to make the game as “Minecrafty as possible.” They (presumably along with Telltale) put together a neat little interactive teaser titled Info Quest IIthat revealed the collaboration and jokingly pointed to a Minecraft 2.

There are a lot of interesting ways they could take this as it’s completely open-ended, unlike the other properties that Telltale has worked with. Being that Minecraft is such a big community-driven hit, they could include references to many of the more popular community builds, or even the long-running creepy pasta story of “Herobrine,” which Mojang has obviously denied, but has played along with several times.

Telltale is going to have an extremely busy year coming up. All told, their 2015 lineup will include continuations of The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Tales From the Borderlands, and now Minecraft: Story Mode. 

Minecraft: Story Mode releases to Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices sometime in 2015, with more episodes following after that.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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