UPDATED: Popular YouTube Channel HowToBasic Terminated Without Warning


Merry Christmas! YouTube has officially terminated the popular YouTube channel HowToBasic for “multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations.” This comes as a surprise as the channel has a massive following as it is one of the top 200 most subscribed channels, as well as one of many YouTube channels whose creator makes his living off of the service. While YouTube creators almost never disclose their incomes, HowToBasic has likely made over a million dollars for creator Aaron Jackson. At the time of the account suspension, HowToBasic amassed over 4 million subscribers.

(Updated 12/23 7:03PM EST) According to the channels Twitter account, HowToBasic is back and videos will be back shortly as well. Rejoice, eggcited fans!

Original story as follows:

Even if you’ve never seen the videos on his own channel, you’ve likely seen HowToBasic’s insane videos re-uploaded and shared on Facebook. Essentially what creator and channel operator Aaron Jackson does is name the video (complete with misleading thumbnail) as some kind of generic how-to video which YouTube are flooded with. Then, usually within seconds, the video turns to insanity, his pants are off, and he’s slamming eggs into everything. Maybe not everyone’s type of comedy, but for me and four million other people it’s a hilarious shock value every time, no matter what “tutorial” he is performing.

The violation appears to stem from the fact that his video titles were misleading, and they had a misleading thumbnail. If his video was “How to bake a cake,” for example, the title would simply be that with a stock photo of a nice cake. Then, in the video, he would of course smash things wildly for a minute-and-a-half until it was over. Hopefully the issue gets resolved soon, but as it stands when you go to his channel, www.youtube.com/howtobasic, all the videos appear to be wiped, and all that is left is the videos that has liked. Playlists, past videos, and everything else appear to be gone.

This comes on the heels of several other YouTube creators issuing videos concerns of a “broken subscriber box,” including Game Theory. YouTube and its creators are always in an awkward relationship, with a single flip of a switch potentially ruining or changing a creator’s life. This sudden account closure is a prime example of that.

We have reached out to Jackson for more information on the account termination and will update when we hear back.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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