Education-Based Mysteryopolis Coming Exclusively To Nabi Tablets, From The Creator Of CSI

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Creator of the CSI television franchise, Anthony E. Zuiker, has released a new education-based series for kids titled Mysteryopolis. Coming exclusively to nabi tablets thanks to the manufacturers nabi Pass content subscription service, the interactive show will give kids the chance to not only watch original content on their tablets, but play along with it as well.

“Ever since the first “CSI,” and being a father, I’ve always wanted to do something around mystery solving for kids. Fast forward to a whole new world of tablets as the screen of choice for kids, and I just knew the timing was right to marry storytelling and gaming and do a mystery series for kids unlike ever before,” said Zuiker. “With “Mysteryopolis,” to write a Hollywoodesque story, create the characters, and conceptualize the gameplay was truly a dream come true for me. I am grateful for partners like Fanlala and Fuhu to introduce a whole new category of quality entertainment for kids in the gamified narrative.”

Mysteryopolis is written and produced by Zuiker, who is making his first leap into the kids entertainment space. The series hopes to set itself apart by being interactive and combining “Hollywood-style scripted narratives with top-notch interactive gameplay.”

In the original story created solely for this project, a 13-year-old turned special agent, Jordy, is tasked with saving his hometown of Mysteryopolis from an unnamed threat. Joining him will be a group of characters comprised of his trusty furry companion Kloo, his classmate/crush and tech wiz Blaze, and others. As the story unfolds, kids will be encouraged to play along and interact with these characters on their nabi tablets as they solve the show’s mysteries together.

With more kids having access to tablets and parents less interested in plopping said kids in front of TV’s, this interactive style looks to be where the next generation of entertainment is headed. Disney already does something similar with their “Appisodes,” and Mysteryopolis has its own big name and a lot of talent behind it with Zuiker.

If you have a nabi tablet and a child who would be interested, you can pick Mysteryopolis right now! Check out the trailer below, and check your nabi device on details on how to purchase.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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