Microsoft’s Spartan Browser Looks To Compete With Chrome And Firefox


It sounds like Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 is getting a new default browser, and it’s not Internet Explorer 12. Various sources are indicating that Microsoft is building a new browser altogether, currently codenamed Spartan.

According to ZDNet, sources indicate that the Spartan browser is not IE 12, but a new lightweight browser meant to feel like the more popular Chrome and Firefox browsers. The rumored browser will also support extensions and will be made available for both desktop and mobile versions of Windows 10. Microsoft has said in the past that Android or iOS versions of Internet Explorer isn’t in the works, however that may change with Spartan.

This isn’t the first indication that Microsoft is working on a new browser as Thomas Nigro, a Microsoft Student Partner Lead and VLC developer for Windows Modern, indicated on Twitter a couple weeks ago that a new browser was forthcoming.

While Spartan may officially be unveiled at Microsoft’s January 21 Windows 10 presentation, it’s not expected to be included in the January Windows 10 Technical Preview and will be included at a later date once it’s more functional.

Once the king of the Internet browser with Internet Explorer, Microsoft has to do something to help it regain browser share in both desktop and mobile. Perhaps Spartan coupled with Windows 10 is the answer.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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