Activist Makes Plans To Drop Copies Of The Interview Into North Korea


Well, why not? Let’s finish off 2014 with one last story about Sony, The Interview and North Korea. We’ve already predicted that the Sony hack will be one of the biggest stories of 2014 and likely to be talked about for a good time to come. If you haven’t heard about the Sony hack and the resulting security breaches, lost films and terrorist threats, then hit up the search feature on this website and look for “Sony“, “The Interview” or “North Korea“. You’re bound to find one of our many articles we’ve already done.

The latest news comes from a South Korean activist who says he is going to launch balloons into North Korea, each one carrying a copy of The Interview on DVD and USB in hopes some unsuspecting souls will get their hands on them and watch the Seth Rogen comedy.

Activist Park Sang-hak said he will start dropping 100,000 DVDs and USBs with the movie by balloon in North Korea as early as late January. Park, a North Korean defector, said he’s partnering with the U.S.-based non-profit Human Rights Foundation, which is financing the making of the DVDs and USB memory sticks of the movie with Korean subtitles.

This is probably NOT OK with supreme leader Kim Jong Un as the film pretty much shows his head exploding and depicts him and his government in a not-so-flattering manner. But this is an excellent way to finish off 2014. Sang-hak is really bringing this whole story up to another level. I’ve said it before, I cannot wait for Sony to make the movie about this whole drama. I wonder if Kim Jong Un will be at the premiere? Happy New Year folks! Enjoy 2015!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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