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Sony Extending All PlayStation Plus Memberships By Five Days

Sony announced yesterday that they will be extending PlayStation Plus memberships an extra five days to further atone for the outages that affected the PlayStation Network over the Christmas holiday. The extension will be valid for anyone who had a PlayStation Plus membership or PlayStation Plus trial active on December 25th, and will happen automatically with no needed action from users.
In addition, Sony will also be offering a 10% discount code for purchases within the PlayStation Store. The blog post did not state if this discount would stack with other discounts, such as the currently-running Holiday Sale. Judging by the comments on the blog post, it appears that some codes are already going out, at least to users in the UK.
Sony previously extended their Holiday and Flash Sales to try and make up the outages to customers, but for some odd reason giving disgruntled customers more time to spend more money didn’t sit well with a lot of them. A short extension and 10% discount may still not quell a lot of the rabbling, but you can’t deny that Sony is at least trying now.
Sorry, you probably won’t be getting a free game for it any time soon.
Source: PlayStation Blog

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