Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 Is Now Underway

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The bi-annual “charity gaming marathon” known as Awesome Games Done Quick is now underway, and streaming live on Twitch. If you’re interested in watching gamers who are really good at what they do, and maybe help out a charity in the process, now is the perfect time to hop over to Awesome Games Done Quick’s Twitch channel and watch some speedruns, and/or donate to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.
For the uninitiated, Awesome Games Done Quck is a bi-annual event where a group of professional speed runners will beat a laundry list of games as fast they can live on stream to raise money for various causes. All of the speedruns are filmed non-stop for the duration of the week-long event, and viewers who wish to donate to the cause can either donate straight to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, or purchase a special “Games Done Quick” Humble Bundle where all the proceeds go to the cancer prevention charity they represent. This particular marathon began at noon earlier today and will run until approximately 2am EST on January 10th, if everything goes according to plan.
Being that this revolves around games, donations are naturally made into a game of their own of sorts. The organizers of Games Done Quick smartly posts all the donations and ranks them by name (unless you request to be anonymous) so it usually ends up a competition between the industries biggest names to top list. As of this writing, Minecraft creator Notch leads the donation list with his $10,000 addition. Last year’s event raised over one million dollars for cancer prevention, with an average of $36.10 per donation.
Even if you’re not trying to top the donation charts, anyone who donates at least $5.00 is guaranteed some kind of kickback, ranging from a hat to other swag like a banner or custom Twitch hoodie.
If you’re interested in following the live streams and seeing some great speedruns, that can be done at their Twitch channel (or the embedded stream below) and there is a schedule also available so you’re not stuck watching Sparkster when you’d rather watch Diddy Kong Racing being speedrun through. And if you’d also like to just donate straight to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, you can do that through the Awesome Games Done Quick website.
Support can be shown on twitter through use of the #AGDQ2015 hashtag.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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