The Internet Archive's Massive Collection Of MS-DOS Games Is Now Live


The Internet Archive announced earlier today that they have added a massive collection of MS-DOS games to their already extensive Software Library. Through a browser-based version of DOSBox, the 2,388 and growing number of games currently in the software library can be played seamlessly just like you’re back in the ’80s. Parachute pants optional.
One of the main driving forces being the project, Jason Scott, posted the announcement on his personal blog. In the post he details just how the process of getting this huge number of games up and running in a browser is done. He also admits that not all games will run well or even at all, and the ability to save your progress is non-existent. Sadly, that means games such as Ultima won’t be playable at all since it needs to save your character at the start of the game in order to proceed. If anything, just like the Internet Archive the library is hosted on, these games will be a nice way to glimpse into the past, but results may vary on some of the more obscure items.
Booting into games is extremely easy. Just pick a game you want, click the option to launch the in-browser emulator, and you’re good to go. There is even support for a gamepad, and the option to go full screen or make the background go dark so you’re not staring into a giant white screen while you’re playing Boulder Dash in the dark at two in the morning. Sorting through the huge library is pretty simple as well. There’s a search function of course, and you can also sort by highest rated, most downloaded, category, keyword, and newest games added. 
It’s only been released today but there already seems to be a decent community forming around reviewing the game and sharing memories of playing them decades ago. 
If you’re interested in tapping into that delicious MS-DOS nostalgia, check out the Internet Archive Software Library and play some Mutant Planet. Don’t forget you can also support the great project by donating to the non-profit on their donate page.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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