Mobile Game Puzzles & Dragons Getting The Mario Treatment With 3DS Release

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No, it’s not quite the mobile Nintendo game some fans have been begging for, but the extremely popular Puzzle & Dragons is getting a Mario makeover and heading to the 3DS. First launched in 2012 by developer GungHo, Puzzle & Dragons is a runaway hit in Japan – with more 32 million downloads and counting – and has some success in North America as well with a reported 6 million downloads. With the help of one plump plumber, the franchise will make the leap to Nintendo’s 3DS console with Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition. 
This is another entry in the growing list of times Nintendo is lending their intellectual properties to other games in an effort to expand their brand presence. Since announcing that they would be willing to let other companies use the likeness of their most popular mascots last year, Nintendo has stayed true to their word and several such games have either released or been announced. First up was Hyrule Warriorswhich crossed the Dynasty Warriors with The Legend of Zelda, and Mario Kart 8 saw the addition of several Mercedes-Benz karts for user within the game. As well, a Pokémon/Tekken crossover was announced, Pokken Tournamentwhich hits Japanese arcades this July.
Currently this bizarre little crossover is only slated to appear in Japan on April 29th, with no word on a future North American release date. GungHo did tweet from their NA account that details are still forthcoming about the game, so a North American release date may be part of the next bit of info we get.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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