Elder Scrolls Online Receives Consoles Release Date, Drops Subscription Cost

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To the surprise of hopefully no one, The Elder Scrolls Online is officially dropping its per-month subscription cost. This comes after Bethesda recently stopped offering its six-month package, and at a time when most of the world has probably forgotten the game exists.
Now subtitled Tamriel Unlimited, this new and slightly improved version of the game will be a one time purchase on consoles when it releases to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 9th, and comes as a free update to existing Elder Scrolls Online players March 17th.
Bethesda will pick up the revenue slack by offering (can you guess what it is? I bet you can’t guess what it is) the ability to purchase “optional downloadable content” and utilize the in-game “Crown Store” to purchase and customize items.
There will still be an optional monthly subscription available in the form of ESO Plus, which will get you a few special goodies over the unwashed masses that choose to purchase the game once and be done with it. These benefits include:

  • An allotment of crowns to spend in the new in-game Crown Store based on your membership period (more below)
  • Access to all of ESO’s downloadable content (or DLC) game packs for the duration of your membership
  • A 10% bonus to XP and gold gain, crafting research, and inspiration

An ESO Plus membership can be purchased in 30-, 90- or 180-day durations starting at $14.99.
Also pegged onto the announcement was the fourth and final entry into the game’s series of cinematic trailers. Titled, “The Confrontation,” the seven minute spectacle shows some people hitting other people and a slowpan of a warrior standing dramatically on a mountain outcrop.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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