Battleworld Comics Will Attempt To Make Sense Of Marvel's Apocalyptic Secret Wars


Believe it or not, simultaneously destroying two universes with hundreds of important characters involved on each side is no easy task. Along with the difficulty of balancing every hero’s story and making sure they get (relatively) equal face time, comes the problem of explaining it all to readers. In order to aid with the inevitable confusion, Marvel has announced the Battleworld subset of comics coming along with Secret Wars when it launches in May.
Battleworlds will be one of three “umbrella brand” titles being launched during Secret Wars. Along with Last Days and WarzonesBattleworld will do its best to help make sense of this whole two-universes-coming-together-and-forming-into-a-new-world mess that is about to happen. As Marvel Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing David Gabriel put it, “The inner machinations of Secret Wars happen here [in Battleworld].” Exactly what that means or what kind of explanations will come along with the series is still unknown as Marvel has managed to keep the inner workings of Secret Wars mostly under wraps.
Marvel did also release an interactive Battleworld Map that shows where a number of Marvel characters are located on this new plane, as well as some hints at what to come with several of the locations simply marked with “Incursion Imminent.” The map itself isn’t actually new – it was announced a few days ago along with the big reveal of Secret Wars – but enough finally people have laid off of the map’s server to make it actually usable if you’re curious for a sneak peak at the All-New Marvel Universe.
Along with everything else in Secret Wars, the Battleworld series will be clearly marked in Marvel Preview solicits as well as the covers themselves so fans know exactly what they’re getting into with each issue. Gabriel equates this to being Marvel’s “new core monthly titles,” so expect them to come frequently.
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Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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