Yahoo Partner Chitika Claims Smarter People Use iPhones


Online advertising network Chitika has released a study claiming higher iPhone usage among highly dense and educated areas of the United States. It’s an interesting claim and one that was extracted from Chitika’s ad impressions. Chitika’s analytic collection more than likely shows what kind of device someone is using when one of their ad impressions is clicked giving them insight into users data. CNN Money even reported on the Chitika report starting its article with the following line.

Are you an iPhone user? Congratulations! You’re probably smarter than the Android owner sitting next to you.

Just wow! Really? I know quiet a few Android users who are smarter than I, and I have the utmost respect for them. I myself happen to be an iPhone and Android user and I found the Chitika report laughable, which led me to take a quick look at Chitika. In doing so I found out some interesting information that wasn’t very hard to discover at all. First, Chitika formed a partnership with Yahoo back in 2013. Second in 2010 Yahoo closed Yahoo Publisher and steered its clients to Chitika as a replacement for advertising. Finally, third, Yahoo has been seeking to become Apple’s default search engine. Where is this leading to? Is it possible Chitika (a partner with Yahoo) is propagating a report to give Apple some good facetime and at the same time winning some brownie points with Apple? CNN Money already has over 12K shares of their article.

What do you think? Are iPhone users really smarter than the rest of the smartphone toting United States? Or is this “report” just a pile of horse dung covered in white chocolate to butter up Apple in hopes to gain Yahoo a permanent spot on Apple devices? You tell us in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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