Apple Scooped Up Touch ID Tech From Under Nexus 6

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We all know that the Apple iPhone was not the first phone with fingerprint scanning technology. Motorola was experimenting with the technology on its own Atrix 4G and was using the very same company that makes Touch ID for Apple, AuthenTec. This revelation comes from former Motorola CEO, Dennis Woodside, in an interview with The Telegraph.

According to Woodside, Motorola worked with AuthenTec on that first generation fingerprint scanner on the Atrix 4G and it seems they were readying to move forward with future fingerprint scanners on future phones. In fact, the design of the Moto X, Moto X2 and Nexus 6 feature a dimple on the back of the phone in which was supposed to sit, you guessed it, a fingerprint scanner. So why doesn’t Motorola have a fingerprint scanner in that dimple? Apple swooped in and bought AuthenTec and in doing so, bought “the best supplier” of fingerprint technology out there. Woodside says Motorola wasn’t going to settle for second best and the other companies producing such technology still had a ways to go.

Companies are still trying to get fingerprint technology to work, Samsung, Saygus and HTC have all been trying to get to the level of Touch ID but for now, Apple purchased the best fingerprint tech on the market and they won’t be sharing it anytime soon. What do you think of Apple scooping up a technology and using it to their advantage? Let is know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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